9781907359590-Perfect.indd‘Deep time’ is geological time, the millions of years over which the Earth and its creatures have evolved. Deep Time is also the name of my epic novel of prehistory, published by Hawthorn Press in 2015.

My name is Anthony Nanson. I’m a writer and storyteller with a particular interest in nature, the spirit of place, and the intersection between ecology and myth. I teach creative writing at Bath Spa University and am a founding member of Fire Springs performance company. Besides Deep Time, my books include Exotic Excursions, Gloucestershire Folk Tales, Words of Re-enchantment, Storytelling and Ecology, An Ecobardic Manifesto (co-author), Gloucestershire Ghost Tales (co-author), and Storytelling for a Greener World (co-editor). There’s more about my work here. Deep Time‘s fabulous cover art is by Grizelda Holderness.

The aim of this blog is to explore and make connections between various topics connected to the novel – a nexus of interests including prehistory, ecology, mythology, folklore, and relevant works of fiction and film, especially ones involving lost worlds and dreams of ecotopia or earthly paradise. The blog is shared to Facebook; please do join in the conversation with your comments, either there or here.

Here is a hint of what Deep Time is about:

Zoologist Dr Brendan Merlie has wasted his best years in futile pursuit of imaginary creatures. He’s now leading a survey of an ecological hotspot in a forgotten corner of Central Africa. Guided by the enigmatic Salome Boann, a woman strangely at ease in the rainforest, with her own reasons for being there, the team discover a ‘refugium’ of prehistoric plant-life. Among the forest people they hear rumours of animals also, unknown to science. Driven by civil war, and their own competing desires, Brendan and his companions enter a shifting world in which they must come to terms with the wildness within as well as the wildness around them. The deeper they travel, the more is revealed, beyond Brendan’s wildest dreams.

‘Anthony Nanson’s stirring novel takes the reader on an extraordinary journey deep into the prodigious heart of Africa and across evolutionary regions of time.’ – Lindsay Clarke

‘In Anthony Nanson’s Deep Time, modern knowledge itself – ecological, psychological, and with a sense of an earth history far longer than our own – is the landscape into which this massively ambitious story-telling leads you, if you dare to go.’ – Philip Gross

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