Review: Words of Re-Enchantment by Anthony Nanson – by Lorna Smithers


Anthony Nanson is a storyteller and writer based in Stroud. He currently runs Awen Publications. Words of Re-Enchantment: Writings on Storytelling, Myth and Ecological Desire is a collection of essays originally written for various publications and occasions gathered into one text.

In his introduction, Anthony states that the core theme of his creative work is desire: ‘the longing for earthly paradise.’ This desire is connected with his ‘longstanding love of the natural world’, ‘ever-growing concern about the impact of human activities on nature, and thereby with the politics of the environment.’

Words of Re-Enchantment is divided into three sections: ‘Myth’, ‘Storytelling’ and ‘Eco-Bardic’. The subject matter is varied. The book is designed so it can be read from cover to cover or dipped into. I did the former and noticed the variegated pieces fit together through careful choice and arrangement as a coherent whole.

In the ‘Myth’ section I…

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