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What’s the Story to Get to a Better Society?

I wanted to write something else about the EU referendum – or rather about one aspect of the consequences now unfolding at dizzying speed. How, though, to make that relevant to the focus of this blog? Well, when you stand … Continue reading

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Like a Slow-Motion Car Crash

I’ve sometimes wondered what it must be like to live in a time when you can see that your society is wilfully racing towards political disaster – war, say, or violent revolution, or fascist supremacy – and no appeal either … Continue reading

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Richard Kerridge’s Cold Blood

There are not too many dinosaurs in Britain today, unless you count the birds. And as a kid with my animal books I was underwhelmed by the slender list of living reptiles this country boasts: three kinds of snake and … Continue reading

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Words of Re-enchantment – by Nimue Brown

Originally posted on Druid Life:
Anthony Nanson’s ‘Words of re-enchantment’ is a collection of essays which its subtitle labels as storytelling, myth and ecological desire. I’d go a lot further than this, because it’s a relevant book for anyone wanting…

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